Our label

Birdbox Records is a very young record label founded in 2021 born from a passionate idea by Lorenzo Vella who, in addition to being a balanced, pragmatic and direct entrepreneur, is also a volcanic and affable man who loves art, ingenuity and jazz music.
In 2018 his eclecticism, taste and passion for music induced him to create a technological, performing and welcoming audio/video recording studio with a refined vintage taste.
All this was soon noticed and several of the most important artists from the mainstream jazz scene gathered around him to record albums and collaborate on projects which still persist today.

Birdbox Records is evolving, despite a difficult and uncertain historical-social context.
Our main goal is to allow artists to grow and thrive independently, keeping in mind that musicians, workers, professionals and music lovers are first of all individuals, and their spirit must be fed by art, positive thinking and reciprocity.