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Birdbox Records was not founded to amass significant financial gains from the music industry,

but rather to pursue the highest possible standards of quality.


About us

Emerging from the heart of Italy's vibrant music scene, Birdbox Records is a fledgling label founded in 2021 by Lorenzo Vella, a visionary entrepreneur who harmoniously blends pragmatism and candor with an infectious enthusiasm for art, innovation, and the enduring allure of music – music that resonates with both harmony and melody.

Driven by a mission to restore music to its rightful place, Birdbox Records meticulously crafts and presses vinyl records that transcend mere listening, inviting tactile engagement and fostering a deeper connection with the music itself.

These carefully curated creations are designed for passionate souls who cherish the tangible experience of music, who delight in owning and sharing their sonic discoveries with loved ones.

Birdbox Records stands as an independent label guided by a profound passion for connecting discerning music lovers worldwide with exceptional musical experiences.

Meticulously curated by patron Lorenzo Vella, the label's diverse roster presents a constellation of talented artists, each offering a unique sonic journey and a distinctive voice that resonates with listeners' hearts and minds.

Birdbox Records caters to those seeking an authentic and immersive connection with music, a realm where the senses intertwine to create a profound listening experience.

In un'era di fugaci esperienze digitali, Birdbox Records intraprende una missione per riaccendere la magia duratura della musica analogica.

Nel mezzo della natura effimera del moderno consumo digitale, Birdbox Records si pone come un faro di duraturo apprezzamento musicale. Crediamo che la musica trascenda il semplice suono; è un'esperienza coinvolgente che coinvolge tutti i sensi. Questo è il motivo per cui curiamo con passione squisiti dischi in vinile che trasportano gli ascoltatori oltre i confini dell'ascolto passivo.

Le nostre pubblicazioni in vinile meticolosamente selezionate ti invitano in un viaggio tangibile attraverso il mondo della musica. Il nostro invito per te: tieni la copertina dell'album tra le mani, senti il ​​peso del disco sul giradischi e lascia che il ricco suono analogico ti travolga.

Con Birdbox Records, il vinile non è solo un formato; è la porta verso una connessione più profonda con la musica che ami.

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Our Story

Lorenzo Vella's passion for music and high fidelity ignited in the mid-1970s, nurtured by his father's love for sound and the magic of music reproduction. Under his father's tutelage, Lorenzo delved into the intricacies of early Philips and Revox tape recorders, Thorens turntables, and the warm embrace of tube amplifiers.

This burgeoning passion has fueled his journey, leading him to establish his own recording studio and launch Birdbox Records, a label dedicated to crafting exquisite analog recordings for discerning audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

For nearly five decades, Lorenzo has embarked on an unwavering quest to capture the purest essence of music, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of high-fidelity audio. Today, his pursuit continues, as he collaborates with a constellation of world-renowned musicians to bring their artistry to life through the timeless medium of analog recording.


In 2018, Lorenzo Vella's eclectic tastes, discerning palate, and unwavering passion for music culminated in the creation of Nightingale Studios, an audio/video recording haven nestled amidst the Roman countryside.

This residential studio exudes a harmonious blend of high performance, warm hospitality, and refined vintage charm. With the invaluable contributions of collaborators, consultants, professionals, and, above all, friends, Nightingale Studios has emerged as a vibrant hub of creativity, technological prowess, and timeless elegance.

Steeped in the rich legacy of analog recording, Nightingale Studios stands as a rare sanctuary where music comes to life on meticulously restored vintage tape machines, including Studer, Ampex, 3M, Nagra, Sony, Otary, MCI, Tascam, and Telefunken.

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Word soon spread of Lorenzo Vella's exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to his craft, drawing a constellation of renowned jazz artists to his doorstep. Eager to collaborate with this visionary producer, these musical luminaries converged at Nightingale Studios to create albums and projects of indisputable quality.


At Birdbox Records, our mission is to champion groundbreaking and original recording projects, guided by a discerning and unbiased musical selection process. We aim to introduce our audience to artists who are free to express their full creative potential.

Our recording studio is designed to capture the purest essence of sound during the microphone capture stage, minimizing the need for extensive manipulation during mixing and mastering. This approach allows music enthusiasts to relive the magical moment of recording as if they were present in the studio themselves.

We believe in the value of all audio recording and playback technologies. Therefore, we are committed to preserving and revitalizing every music reproduction format – CDs, LPs, cassettes, reels, and even digital formats – with the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail.

Ultimately, the choice of format is a personal one, guided by individual preferences and listening habits.

The music industry has long been driven by forces that seek to control and shape the creative landscape. Industry groups, including trade associations, professional organizations, and environmental bodies, often referred to as lobbies, exert their influence over the direction of the music industry, often at the expense of the wider public, who may be unaware of these machinations.

The promotion of streaming music is often accompanied by promises of substantial financial gains for struggling musicians. However, it is important to recognize that digital music primarily serves to enrich the aforementioned multinational corporations and a select few "manufactured" artists who are exploited for financial gain.


In an era of artificial intelligence, automated software, and sophisticated digital plugins that emulate analog technology in music production, Birdbox Records stands firm in its unwavering commitment to the "imperfection" of genuine analog technology and instrumentation.

We believe that these tools ignite the spark of wonderfully imperfect human creativity, a spark that can never be replicated by so-called "artificial intelligence."

We reject the relentless, often obsessive pursuit of perfection. Instead, we embrace the natural human capacity to create and perceive music as "perfectly imperfect." For it is within this very imperfection that true perfection resides.

We cherish the "beauty of imperfection."

In today's music landscape, songs are crafted, selected, and distributed by algorithms programmed by the very individuals who have manipulated mass audiences. In stark contrast to this prevailing trend, we at Birdbox Records champion music made by genuine artists – artists who possess their own unique personalities, sensibilities, and creativity, driven by a profound emotional desire to share their artistry with the world.

We refuse to bow to the dictates of the imposed music market. Instead, our sole mission is to offer music on physical formats that can still be touched, held, and experienced with passion for years to come.

Analog audio is not a relic of the past; it remains the most authentic and immersive way to experience music.

We are the guardians of the exquisite analog sound, from recording to playback. It is our mission to restore value to authentic, tangible, and real experiences. Perfecting the art of sound recording is our philosophy.

The Music that Moves Our Souls
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