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It all adds up! In a 'hit and run' world, so ethereal, now super-digitalised, made of impalpable, immaterial, dare we say almost evanescent things, has led many, unexpectedly even young people, to rediscover the essence of 'real' and quality things. The pleasure of owning, collecting a record, a CD or even a master tape, gives a pleasant sense of satisfaction. Delighting in going to one's favourite shop to buy the latest record releases, holding a beautiful piece of music in one's hands, smelling the scent of brand new material, listening to it on the various media, is something that the new generations are rediscovering. The return of the audiotape has prompted Birdbox Records to print the music in its catalogue also on audiocassette. The cassette tape is truly experiencing a new 'genesis'. It is important to know that the audio cassettes we offer are absolutely ferric oxide Fe 2 O 3 of the latest generation RecordingTheMasters FOX C60. The RTM FOX C60 Type1 tape compound, based on the legendary SM900 formula, guarantees a flat response, no oxide loss on the pancake sample, great dynamics and typical warmth of sound on tape. All that remains is to listen with confidence!


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