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Umberto Fiorentino known as one of the masters of Italian guitar jazz ever meets Claudio Quartarone, a new talent on the Italian classical music scene, thus starting from different styles and different influences, uniting two uniquenesses that in turn become, extraordinarily, one.
''Anamorfosi'' is a term that comes very close to what happens when Fiorentino and Quartarone play. Both are fascinated by being able to combine the sense of form to improvisation through the inspiration that they each draw from the other.


It was a difficult recording because we wanted to transfer the real sound of our 75 square metre Nightingale Studios recording room, with a sound that was not too ambient so as not to ruin listening on acoustic speakers.
We know that binaural sound is great for headphone listening, but we made sure it worked well with both headphones and acoustic speakers.
We sought the detail typical of close microphone recordings but also the ambience from a single binaural microphone.
On the last track 'In a Sentimental Mood' we did something really unusual. The rhythm part was given to a drum pattern looped directly in the room by protools on a Macbook at 192khz 32bit through a Metric Halo ULN8 3D converter, MCIntosh MC500 amplification, Audio Research LS1 preamp on B&W 802 D Nautilus.
We definitely didn't want to send the rhythm base to the musicians on headphones and then put it into the edit, but we wanted to stop the sound of everything at that precise moment in one recording environment.
The sound may not be perfectly standard but it's what we were listening to at that moment, good or bad, right or wrong. It is that sound! We would like that sound to enter your homes.
Obviously no post-production editing, just slight containment equalisation.

It is an experimental, intimate, relaxed record, with an extreme search for musical improvisation. We have brought together two guitarists with different styles and genres but who, when they meet, speak the same musical language.
This is to say that music is one!



Recorded, mixed and mastered at Nightingale Studios - Palombara Sabina (RM) Italy. November 3th 2019 and February 20th 2022. ℗© 2022 Birdbox Records s.r.l.


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Umberto Fiorentino & Claudio Quartarone | Anamorfosi (CD numbered edition)

SKU: BBR2022FIQU01 (Numbered Edition)
  • The CDs, produced and shipped directly from our factory, are tested immediately before shipping on various players, to give the maximum guarantee of functioning despite the glass-master burning carried out in the factory.

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