Domenico Benvenuto trio feat. Alessandro Tedesco

Standards zone

Domenico Benvenuto takes the name of the project from his past, from his artistic childhood made up of jazz and interpretative improvisation, and updates it in two words, which are almost a cry of resistance, because in this period of pandemic made up of zones and borders, he chose his boundless area, that of jazz, to annex all the others.
The choice of the Hammond organ, as a supporting instrument with a warm and evocative sound, is the result of design research, together with guitar and T-bone, for a perfect musical combination.

Band members

Domenico Benvenuto | drums
Francesco Lo Giudice | Hammond organ
Francesco Mascio | guitar
Alessandro Tedesco (featuring) | T-bone


  1. Road songs (feat. A. Tedesco)
  2. Recordame (feat. A. Tedesco)
  3. Sandu (feat. A. Tedesco)
  4. Softly morning sunrise (feat. A. Tedesco)
  5. Stompin’ at the savoy (feat. A. Tedesco)
  6. I remember April (feat. A. Tedesco)
  7. Invitation (feat. A. Tedesco)
  8. Caravan (feat. A. Tedesco)