Francesca Tandoi trio

Do like Romans do

Pianist and vocalist Francesca Tandoi met Matheus Nicolaiewsky and Sander Smeets a few years ago at the prestigious “Royal Conservatory” in The Hague, Holland. A great musical understanding immediately arise between the three, leading them to form this explosive band, characterized by strong interplay, the continuous search for the expressive possibilities of the piano trio and the innate love that the three have for swing.
In 2020, Francesca Tandoi returns to Italy and the three find themselves geographically separated by force of circumstances, unable to travel and carry out this project for some time until they rejoin Rome in 2021 thanks to this exhibition, which gives them the opportunity to travel again, start playing together again and dream of a future of rebirth and successes.
Instantly falling in love with Rome and the hospitable and relaxed atmosphere that welcomes them, Matheus and Sander, citing the famous song “When in Rome”, wish to immerse themselves totally in the carefree Italian climate and to spend their stay “doing what the Romans do”.
The program ranges from original and unpublished compositions by Francesca Tandoi and some standards of the jazz tradition, rearranged by the leader in a fresh and creative way, so as to enhance the expressive power of the piano trio.

Band members

Francesca Tandoi | piano
Matheus Nicolaiewsky | double-bass
Sander Smeets | drums


  1. P.C.R. | by F. Tandoi
  2. Tin tin deo
  3. Eternal dusk | by F. Tandoi
  4. Where is love?
  5. Right on | by F. Tandoi
  6. I’m confessin’ (that I love you)
  7. Just you just me
  8. Sushi