Francesco Mascio trio feat. Giovanni Imparato

Volo 108 New York – Nuova Delhi

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The repertoire, consisting mainly of original compositions by Francesco Mascio, is rich in free influences, funk, ethno and much more, so as to arrive at a form of jazz crossover devoid of any stylistic prejudice, able to give the right emphasis to emotions, true protagonists of the performance.
The extraordinary participation of Giovanni Imparato in percussion perfectly completes this singular ensemble, with which Francesco Mascio retraces, in a new interpretation, the various compositional stages that have characterized his musical production over the years.

Band members

Francesco Mascio | guitar
Paolo Mazziotti | bass
Domenico Benvenuto | drums
Giovanni Imparato (featuring) | percussions


  1. Karma mood | unpublished by F. Mascio
  2. Drunky frog (feat. G. Imparato) | unpublished by F. Mascio
  3. Norwegian wood (feat. G. Imparato)
  4. Balla con Buddha (F. Mascio feat. G. Imparato) | by F. Mascio
  5. Curry and pollution (feat. G. Imparato) | by F. Mascio
  6. Blue schocciato | by F. Mascio
  7. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (feat. G. Imparato)
  8. Ganga’s spirit (feat. G. Imparato) | by F. Mascio