Luca Mannutza trio feat. Maurizio Giammarco

Standard visions

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Polyrhythmic arrangements on standard odd metrics. Contrafact original pieces and orchestral compositions adapted to the quartet create a new language, rich in elements of tradition transfigured in an asymmetrical world full of different contents.
The exploration of ballad, on medium and slow times, is intended as an ultrasound of the expressive variety, the rhythmic intensity and the open card game of interplay. The Luca Mannutza’s aesthetics is based on these postulates.
Very welcome featuring by Maurizio Giammarco, a musician who needs no introduction and main protagonist of the history of jazz in Italy.

Band members

Luca Mannutza | piano
Marcello Di Leonardo | drums
Stefano Senni | double-bass
Maurizio Giammarco (featuring) | sax


  1. It could happen to you
  2. East of the sun
  3. Woody’n you
  4. Just one of those things
  5. Little rascal on a rock (feat. M. Giammarco)
  6. Naima (feat. M. Giammarco)
  7. Identikit (feat. M. Giammarco) | unpublished by M. Giammarco
  8. Blues no end (feat. M. Giammarco) | by M. Giammarco
  9. Betelgeuse (feat. M. Giammarco) | unpublished by M. Giammarco