Max Ionata 4tet

A saturday meeting

Jazz is the source of his inspiration, even if the music went through it all to get to the source.
The quartet is a formation that he has loved since the beginning and he lives it having fun and still growing in it. As in an understanding and insightful family, he has “a mind-reading understanding with his current companions, essential for playing jazz”.
Max Ionata has been away from the scene for more than one year, like all artists because of the pandemic, but his audience and critics were anxiously waiting for him, for his human and artistic nature that has always distinguished him: an engaging enthusiasm ironic and enveloping, as if it were always the first time.
And so he does not disappoint the message contained in his concert: a simple and friendly “let’s meet on Saturday” and have fun, as if nothing had happened.

Band members

Max Ionata | sax
Luca Mannutza | piano
Marcello Di Leonardo | drums
Daniele Sorrentino | double-bass


  1. Kumico | by M. Ionata
  2. Social call
  3. Oblivion
  4. The black hole | by M. Ionata
  5. Mr. G.T. | by M. Ionata
  6. When we were one
  7. Fuchsia swing song