Umberto Fiorentino & Fabio Zeppetella & Dario Deidda & Roberto Gatto


They present themselves laconically as “four musicians who have known each other for many years and who have collaborated together in various musical projects”. They don’t like to describe themselves, because their music represents them perfectly, fulfills them in the exact dimension of their inspiration.
Equipped with different and powerful personalities, they share a musical vision that blends tradition and innovation, in the constant search for perfect musicality.
Their art has long since crossed the borders of the Italian jazz scene and allows them to live in the oxymoron of being strangers famous. And so, even their work, without necessary introduction, strikes the soul with all its immediate, bursting lyrical power.


Umberto Fiorentino | guitar
Fabio Zeppetella | guitar
Dario Deidda | bass
Roberto Gatto | drums

Brani suonati

Ulisse | by U. Fiorentino
The way you look tonight
Body and soul
So what?
Moose the Mooche
Fearless Fosdisk’s tune | by U. Fiorentino