My Standards

Francesco Mascio

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About ten years after his first record release “Europa Jazz Quartet” and after eight discs characterized by the use of the most disparate stylistic ingredients, Francesco Mascio returns to his origins through the creation of a new work inspired by the jazz tradition: “My Standards”.
As the title of the album suggests, it is a production entirely composed of original songs, of which eight are the result of a writing work matured over the years, while the compositions “Esharef’s Moment” and “Soul of New York”, are the result of an ensemble experiment based on the concept of radical improvisation.
Although the theme of the album is strongly focused on jazz, Mascio does not fail to express a marked versatility, which manifests itself through the skilful use of numerous style influences (latin, world, soul, free, classical and more) and its peculiar crossover jazz tuned to 432 Hertz.
To conclude the disc a composition for classical guitar in solo “Notes from the heart”, from which Mascio lets out a dense emotional component, already strongly marked in his entire work.

Band members

Francesco Mascio | chitarra
Esharef Alì Mhagag | lead vocal
Alberto La Neve | sax
Paolo Mazziotti | bass
Nicola Scagliozzi | double-bass
Domenico Benvenuto | drums


  1. Karma Mood
  2. Samba Stramba
  3. A poke for you
  4. Blues Minove
  5. Esharef’s moment
  6. Mattia
  7. Black mama
  8. Seven bop
  9. Soul of New York
  10. Notes from the heart