When in Rome

Francesca Tandoi trio

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“When In Rome” is the story of the meeting of three musicians from different parts of the world, of three cultures, of three sounds that blend, indissolubly united by the visceral love for jazz, the real one.
Francesca Tandoi’s trio with Matheus Nicolaiewsky on double bass and Sander Smeets on drums is a band where the level of empathy and interplay is nothing short of extraordinary. United by love for the same musical language, in this disc they range from famous themes of the jazz tradition, a tribute to Debussy, a tribute to Jobim and several original compositions by Francesca Tandoi.
Tandoi reaffirms to the public her remarkable skills as a pianist, composer, arranger, vocalist and band leader and is accompanied by an exceptional rhythm section.
The variety of the repertoire, the honesty and enthusiasm, the virtuosity of these three young musicians make this work a small musical jewel, worthy of being counted among the most interesting recordings of today’s jazz scene.

Band members

Francesca Tandoi | piano
Matheus Nicolaiewsky | doublebass
Sander Smeets | drums


  1. Tin Tin Deo
  2. Eternal dusk
  3. Estrada branca
  4. P.C.R.
  5. Winter love
  6. Arabesque
  7. Two lonely souls
  8. Right on
  9. This happy madness