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AD/DA Professional Audio Transfer

TRANSFER AUDIO. AD/DA conversion using highly professional studio equipment for maximum audio fidelity.
TAPE RESTORATION. We carry out restoration of multi-track or stereo magnetic audio supports that present the problem of 'sticky tape' through heat treatment in a special ventilated oven at constant temperature
SOUND RESTORATION. Upon request we perform complete audio cleaning and restoration using the latest software and hardware for legal, investigative and personal applications.

MASTERING. Sound balancing with optimised playback for all multimedia systems and formats.
Digitisation is performed using Metric Halo ULN8 3D converters up to 192khz 32bit 24 channels.


Transfer reel 2 inches

Multitrack reel-to-reel transfer of up to 24 tracks

Our analogue tape recorders:

Studer A80 16 tracks-  Tascam ATR-80 24 tracks


Transfer reel 1 inches

Multitrack reel-to-reel transfer of up to 8 tracks

Our analogue tape recorders: MCI JH110

Transfer reel 1/2 inch

Multitrack reel-to-reel transfer

Our analogue tape recorders:

Ampex ATR102 2 tracks - ATR-60 8 tracks - ATR-60 4 tracks

Transfer reel 1/4 inch

Transfer from reel 2-track stereo

Our analogue tape recorders:

STUDER A80rc - MCI JH-110 - Sony APR 5003V - Otari MX55 - Revox A700 - Revox PR99 - Revox A77

2-inch digital reel transfer

Multitrack reel-to-reel transfer of up to 48 tracks

Our digital tape recorders:

SONY PCM-3348HR Digital DASH 48 - TASCAM DA-800/24 DASH


Our digital recorders:

Tascam DA60 MK Il DAT - Panasonic SV-3900 - Panasonic SV-4100 - Tascam DA-302 Dual DAT


Our analogue tape recorders:

Tascam 112mkII - Tascam 322 - Crown  CTD-2050 -  Sansui D90


Audio transfer from turntables

Pioneer PL-L1000 - Rega P3

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