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Imaginary place
Paolo Recchia

Imaginary place

Disc length: 1h 08min

Birdbox Records and Nightingale Studios Capture Paolo Recchia's "Imaginary Place" in Stunning Live Recording.

In a captivating collaboration, Birdbox Records and Nightingale Studios have joined forces to record Paolo Recchia's latest album, "Imaginary Place," in the historic Teatro degli Avvaloranti.


The album, Recchia's fifth release under the newly established Birdbox Records label, showcases the exceptional talent of the alto and soprano saxophonist alongside a stellar quartet of musicians.

For this high-definition video production, seven cameras, drones, and cinematic dollies were employed, complemented by an extensive audio setup. The result is a visually stunning and sonically immersive experience that captures the essence of Recchia's captivating performance.

Accompanied by pianist Luca Mannutza, bassist Giuseppe Romagnoli, and drummer Nicola Angelucci, Recchia embarks on a musical journey that transcends traditional jazz boundaries, seamlessly blending contemporary elements into a personal and captivating soundscape. "Imaginary Place" invites listeners into a realm of pure imagination, where musical ideas intertwine and flourish, creating a common ground for artistic expression.

The album features both original compositions and jazz standards, each piece carefully selected to reflect Recchia's musical influences and inspirations. From the harmonic intricacies to the rhythmic pulse, each note resonates with a deep respect for the jazz tradition and a shared love for the art form.

Paolo Recchia's heartfelt gratitude:

"I extend my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to:

  • My wife Arianna for her unwavering support throughout the creation of this work.

  • The incredible generosity and artistry of the musicians who joined me on this project.

  • The exceptional audio and video work of director and sound engineer Lorenzo Vella of Birdbox Records."



"Imaginary Place" is a testament to Paolo Recchia's virtuosity and the power of music to transport listeners to realms of boundless imagination. It is a must-listen for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

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