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We kindly invite you to take a moment to review our disclaimer.

Our Music: A Symphony of Excellence

At Birdbox Records, we craft music not for the masses, but for discerning listeners who savor the nuances of quality and recognize the value of excellence.

Our Master Tape recordings are like a Rolex or a Rolls Royce – sonic masterpieces that demand a commensurate investment.

If you can indulge in this luxury, we invite you to immerse yourself in the unparalleled audio experience we offer. However, if your circumstances do not permit it, we kindly ask you to refrain from purchasing, as we would never want to be the cause of a financial sacrifice that could impact your family.

These recordings are dedicated to those with a refined ear for appreciating the pinnacle of audio fidelity, coupled with the financial means to do so. We envision entrepreneurs, business leaders, and sound enthusiasts who demand uncompromising quality, understanding the cost and effort involved in achieving such a result.

In essence, our music is an exclusive journey for those who seek sonic excellence and can afford it.

Welcome to the heart of Birdbox Records, a sanctuary for discerning audiophiles where the pursuit of sonic excellence knows no bounds.

“Once you listen to the tape you can't go back”

Mike Spitz


In an era dominated by artificial intelligence, automated software, and sophisticated digital plugins that mimic analog technology in music production, Birdbox Records stands firm in its unwavering commitment to the "imperfection" of genuine analog technology and instrumentation.

We believe that these tools ignite the spark of wonderfully imperfect human creativity, a spark that can never be replicated by so-called "artificial intelligence." We have simply chosen not to suppress humanity's natural capacity to create and perceive music as "perfectly imperfect."

Our reference Master Tape Copy are meticulously reproduced from a 1/2-inch Ampex ATR102 recorder directly onto a Studer A80 RC 1/4 or a Telefunken M15 A 1/4, without any signal modifications such as noise reduction or equalization. This ensures the pristine preservation of the original sound captured on our master tapes.

Entirely Analog Audio Process

For recording and mixing sessions, we employ 3M M79 2'' 24tr., Studer A80 2'' 16tr., or Tascam ATR 80 2'' 24tr. recorders.

Following mixing, we directly transfer the audio onto an Ampex ATR 102 1/2-inch recorder, creating both an archival master tape and a working master tape.

Essentially, we produce two direct master tapes!

Hybrid Analog-Digital Audio Process

When opting for a hybrid analog-digital recording approach, we archive the session at high resolution on Pro Tools.

Nevertheless, we still perform mastering in analog directly onto an Ampex ATR 102 1/2-inch recorder, creating both an archival master tape and a working master tape. This is achieved through the Metric Halo ULN8 3D 192khz/32bit conversion unit without any loss of musical information.

We believe this method yields the most direct copy from the first-generation master tape, preserving both dynamics and musical information.

This is because the second-generation master tape copy is also a 1/2-inch tape with an exceptionally high dynamic range.

The 1/2-Inch MASTER Super-Transparent Tape Recorder

Ampex ATR-100 series recorders are widely regarded as the finest reel-to-reel audio mastering recorders ever built. This is why we believe our tape copies represent the pinnacle of recording quality.

Ideally, a mixdown machine should be as transparent as possible to avoid degrading the recorded signal. Given its exceptional performance capabilities, the Ampex ATR-100 is the closest thing to an ideal all-around recorder you could find for any application, whether it's recording, mixing, post-production, or other tasks.

Once you've witnessed an Ampex ATR-100 in action, you'll realize that all other recorders pale in comparison!

For our discerning audiophiles, we exclusively utilize newly manufactured RecordingTheMasters SM900 tapes and, on occasion, RTM LPR90 tapes. These tapes feature the same chemical formulation as our original RTM SM900 master tape, offering extended runtime in terms of minutes.

We meticulously avoid any signal alterations, such as power line noise and potential sound coloration caused by cables and connectors. This is achieved through the use of professional-grade filters and power stabilizers.

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