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Different styles and influences combine two uniquenesses, which in turn become, extraordinarily, one thing.

Their music, in perfect balance between formal rigor and freedom of improvisation, is an attentive look at the state of the art of the modern guitar. The songs of the American jazz tradition become a pretext for the development of dreamy atmospheres and surprising harmonic and melodic creations. More than a traditional album, it is a tribute to the art of improvisation that winks at classical music and the counterpoint of ancient music.

The first album "Anamorfosi" was recorded in a single long studio session that lasted a whole day in November 2019, to which an additional track was added, the opening track of the album which was then released in 2022 The two artists met again in February 2022, giving themselves a five-day margin to record new songs; expand your time and follow your creative streak; play from morning to night; according to inspiration and stopping when necessary. "Before starting we evaluated what we would like to play", say the two guitarists. "With the goals set, the rest came naturally. It only took three days." Another year, therefore, to arrange the pieces and listen to the recordings and then the phone call to the owner of Birdbox Records, Lorenzo Vella: "Would you like to make the sequel to Anamorphosis?"

"II" is a more "rational" album. “That's what happens,” Quartarone says, laughing, “when you lock Fiorentino and Quartarone in a room to create music!” Fiorentino and Quartarone are two visionary composer-improvisers who dialogue without the slightest effort, the first on the semi-acoustic guitar and the second on the classical guitar. Both passionate about electronic music, Fiorentino and Quartarone also wanted to include, in a couple of songs, loops created by recording percussive sounds on the guitar itself. Overall the feeling you get when listening is that of a single, great guitar.

"II" includes eight songs, which have, as a common thread, a matrix of using the blues form several times with a broad development.

Nightingale Studios, Palombara Sabina (RM)

Recorded in May 2022. Mixed and mastered in February 15-16th 2023

℗© 2023 Birdbox Records srls

Master Tape reviews by Claus Müller

Analog tape offers the optimal opportunity to produce great-sounding high-definition masters. They were used to record famous albums that made the history of world recording, as this type of technology introduces artifacts and distortions that are pleasant and enhance the music.
A professional analog tape recording adds just the right amount of punch, warmth, fuzziness and rounding.

"With reel-to-reel tape, the range of sound and the sense of width and depth of the soundstage are different. The noise is barely audible unless you try to listen to it. The lifelike sound provides very realistic dynamics. "
It's a sound you can hold in your hand but only with tapes copied directly from the original master tapes."
Reference Master Tape Copy numbered edition, in elegant Luxury box with velcro closure, with CD and booklet.

Inside our Luxury Box you will find:
our LPR90 RTM tape with NAB metal flange and convenient tape retaining arch to prevent the tape from unwinding from the reel.
authenticity certificate
album cover in 25x25 format with photographic inserts, on premium Fedrigoni paper - Splendorgel Extra White (FSC) weight 160 grams
registration credits
label credits on Fedrigoni premium paper - Ivory Watercolor (FSC) weight 240 grams

U.Fiorentino & C. Quartarone | II • Reference Master Tape Copy •

  • For these exclusive tape copies, Lorenzo Vella creates the analog master, which is transferred to a STUDER A80 1/4, from AMPEX ATR102 1/2. The quarter-inch tape is then shipped together with a precious aluminum spool inside an elegant luxury box. We only use RecordingTheMasters tapes.
    Quality control on Sony AR5003V, Otari MX55 and Revox A700 tape recorders.

    Each handmade custom box contains a professional slipcase, artwork insert, thank you letter, warranty card, certificate of authenticity of pure analog artwork, and each set is hand numbered.

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