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Intriguing is this new project by Luca Mannutza dedicated to the music of the great Wayne Shorter, his personal musical idol.Mannutza has managed to add his personal touch, working mainly on the rhythmic aspect of the music while leaving Wayne Shorter's harmonies and melodies largely untouched.By using metric modulations, odd metres and sudden changes of mood, Shorter's music takes a different direction from the original version. New doors open onto unusual musical landscapes driven by the remarkable talent of Mannutza and his quartet.


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Luca Mannutza | The uneven Shorter

SKU: BBR2021LM01
€17.90 Regular Price
€14.90Sale Price
    1. Yes or no
    2. Fall
    3. Juju
    4. E.S.P.
    5. Iris
    6. Speak no evil
    7. Infant eyes
    8. Black Nile
    9. Nefertiti
    10. Footprints
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