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BlueMoonHouse - Sophos

BlueMoonHouse is a company that has been operating in the world of audio reproduction for 40 years.

It is managed by two people known in the Hi Fi world, Bruno Fazzini and Massimo Piantini

who they practice in a showroom in Viterbo and one in Arezzo.


The work of greatest interest, however, is carried out online thanks to an independently managed web which has strong visibility throughout the world, within which Hi Fi products are presentedall types.
It is not only the hardware that is the object of interest,

but the software is also taken into consideration consideration (CD, LP, File and especially Tape).
A detailed review is written for each tested product and images are created high quality and sometimes videos.


The page thus created is then shared online.
Bruno Fazzini worked for the magazine Fedeltà del Suono for 18 years, covering, in recent years,
the role of Editorial Coordinator. He is the author of the first book on Hi Fi published in Italy (Hi Fi
Forever) now available in the second digital-only edition.


Massimo Piantini, a refined technician and profound expert in musical reproduction,

has collaborated for 5 years with Bè Yamamura in the creation of important Hi End products.
He has made numerous recordings (CD and LP) of great tonal accuracy.

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