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The best of analogue and digital audio

Sound recording, mixing and mastering, music for film, sound design, documentaries,video clips, artist interviews, audio transfers and digitisation for companies and homeowners.

Visit us in our studio in the peaceful Roman countryside.

Our Story

Nightingale Studios is a residential recording studio nestled in the Roman countryside, high-performance, cosy and with a refined vintage flavour. Thanks to its collaborators, consultants, professionals and, above all, friends, a warm, multifaceted, creative, technological yet retro flavour mix was born. Thanks to analogue tape technology, it is one of the few studios where people still record on perfectly serviced vintage recorders such as Studer, Ampex, Nagra, Sony and Telefunken. This was soon noticed and many artists from the mainstream jazz scene gathered around him to record albums and collaborate on projects of undisputed quality.
Nightingale Studios is officially the recording studio of Birdbox Records

Our Services

Our Clients

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