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Realistic sound recording

Lorenzo Vella, a lover of good music and above all a scrupulous researcher of realistic sound, has over the years restored fabulous tape recorders such as Studer, Ampex, Nagra,

which have literally etched thehistory of the great musicians of the past.
Birdbox Records is the result of his great passion for music and professional analogue equipment.

As the late Mike Spitz of ATR Services said, "Once you hear tape, there's no going back!"

All albums made by Lorenzo Vella are mastered directly to tape through a completely

analogue signal chain using 1/2-inch Ampex ATR102.
This fabulous tape recorder was designed in 1976 by the Ampex Corporation, of Redwood City California, and has earned a reputation in the recording industry as the most mechanically

accurate analogue tape recorder with the best sound ever produced.
Compact and sculpted sound, great dynamics, extended frequency response and subtle to deep tape saturation!

Only the best tapes: SM900 - LPR90 - SM911 - LPR35 from RecordingTheMasters are used to record, master and make copies from our music tapes, which offer a dynamic and smooth sound.
Each copy comes in a Deluxe case with replica album artwork.


For recordings in our Nightingale Studios recording room we use the Argentini EP6000 24ch mixing console from 1973 by engineer Livio Argentini, restored and upgraded by Riccardo Bruco and Livio Argentini, together with analogue mastering outboards such as Manley, Ampex, EMI, Retro Instruments, Thermionic Culture.

The tape albums we offer are Analog Original Master Tape 1/4-inch 2-tracks on Studer A80 RC, derived from the king of tape recorders the Ampex ATR 102 1/2-inch 2-track Master Recorder

and the rare and colossal Studer A80 16-track 2-inch.

Our microphones are the result of careful research among the best historical vintage brands such as Neumann, Rca, Schoeps and Akg, and a careful selection of modern microphones such as AEA, Lauten Audio, Mojave Audio and handcrafted microphones such as the esoteric Bruco Audio Lab.

We believe that every technology for recording and audio reproduction is good, which is why our aim is to continue to bring to life every format of music reproduction, cd, lp, cassette tape, reel-to-reel and why not the digital format.
Everyone will make the choice that best suits their purpose and sensitivity.
Having said that, we are convinced that the analogue enjoyment of music provides unparalleled emotion and involvement with a far superior quality.

Control room monitoring via Tannoy Super Red Monitor SRM15X and Bowers & Wilkins 802 Series III

Our recordings are strictly in the analogue domain, without any digital manipulation for the majority of our catalogue, but without ignoring the combination of analogue and digital, a hybrid technique that, if properly employed, certainly brings surprising results.
That said, we are also convinced that analogue on tape is still the best professional audio medium for recording and playback!

Studer A80 master recorder 1/4 inch

Fostex G16 multitrack tape recorder 1/2inch 16 tracks

Tascam ATR80 multitrack tape recorder 2 inches 24 tracks

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