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Paolo Recchia
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The alto and soprano saxophonist Paolo Recchia, for the fifth record release signed by the newly founded label Birdbox Records, presents himself with a quartet composed of superlative musicians now recognised by the jazz press and audience: pianist Luca Mannutza, double bassist Giuseppe Romagnoli and drummer Nicola Angelucci.

"Imaginary place" welcomes the listener to an imaginary place, an imaginative space where the musical ideas of the band members intertwine and create a new common ground, combining traditional jazz with contemporary elements in a personal synthesis. It is a generous live album with a deep desire for mutual respect and shared love for this music at its core.

The work consists of original material and standards from the jazz tradition. Some of these compositions belong to musicians who have had a direct influence on Paolo Recchia's playing and are a source of inspiration in terms of harmony, melody and rhythm.   

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to
- my wife Arianna for being at my side for the realisation of this work
- to the incredible generosity and artistry of the musicians who joined me in this project
- to the beautiful audio and video work of director and sound engineer Lorenzo Vella of Birdbox Records.

Paolo Recchia 


Imaginary place


Imaginary place

Imaginary place

Paolo Recchia |  sax

Luca Mannutza |  piano

Giuseppe Romagnoli |  doublebass

Nicola Angelucci |  drums


Imaginary place Reference Master Tape


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