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About us

Birdbox Records is a very young record label founded in 2021, born from a passionate idea of Lorenzo Vella who, besides being a balanced, pragmatic and straightforward entrepreneur, is also a volcanic and affable man who loves art, ingenuity and good music, that music whose components are harmony and melody.

The intent, therefore, is to give music back its rightful value, thus creating and above all printing records that can still be touched as well as listened to!

This music is aimed at those enthusiasts who still love to be surprised by touching things, those who love to possess, to pass on their experience and passion to their loved ones; those who love to live in an authentic, tangible world.

Our Story

In 2018, his eclecticism, taste and passion for music led him to create the Nightingale Studios audio/video recording studio; a residential room immersed in the Roman countryside, highly performing, cosy and with a refined vintage taste. Thanks to his collaborators, consultants, professionals and, above all, friends, a warm, multifaceted, creative, technological yet retro-sounding mix was born.

Thanks to analogue tape technology, it is one of the few studios where people still record on perfectly serviced vintage recorders such as Studer, Ampex, Nagra, Sony and Telefunken.

This was soon noticed and many artists from the major mainstream jazz scene gathered around him to record albums and collaborate on projects of undisputed quality.


The goal is to propose new and unprecedented record projects with a careful musical selection that is evaluated without prejudices, thus suggesting to our audience musicians who can still express themselves to the best of their abilities.

Recording in an environment capable of capturing a sound as natural as possible during microphone acquisition, in order to minimize any variations during mixing and mastering, with the aim of allowing the enthusiast to relive the magical moment when the record was recorded.

We believe that every technology for audio recording and playback is valid. That's why our goal is to continue breathing life into every music playback format – CDs, LPs, cassettes, tape reels – and why not, even the digital format, but with utmost attention and planning.
Everyone will make the choice that best suits his or her purpose and sensibility.

The record industry has been pushing for years towards music created by precise conditions; for the pursuit of their goals, pressure groups such as trade associations, professional orders, environmental organizations, in a word lobbies, decide the fate of the music sector,

indoctrinating the mass public, unaware of what is happening to them.

More and more streaming music is encouraged by promising billionaire revenues to poor musicians, without knowing that digitally rendered music only serves to fatten the aforementioned corporations and those few fake artists who are exploited like a fattening pig.

In an age of AI, automatic software, and marvelous digital plugins for analog emulation in music production, we choose and will always choose the "imperfection" of genuine analog technology and instrumentation. These ignite that beautifully imperfect human creativity which can never be replicated by so-called "artificial intelligence."

Enough with the incessant and sometimes obsessive pursuit of perfection. We have simply chosen not to suppress humanity's natural ability to create and conceive music as "perfectly imperfect." Because it is precisely in imperfection that perfection is found.

We prefer the "Beauty of Imperfection."

Music today is created, chosen and distributed through an "algorithm" programmed by the same people who have fooled the mass audience.
In our small way, in strong contrast to the mass market, we aim to create music made by real artists, who have their own personality, their own sensitivity, their own creativity and a strong emotional drive in giving the public the their great art.
We don't bow to the imposed music market.

This is why our only aim is to offer music on physical formats that can still be touched and lived with passion for years.

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