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Exclusive Tape Reviews

Here you can find reviews of our master tape copies in studio quality, written with authority and without fiction

BlueMoonHouse-Sophos review

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Analogue tape offers the optimum opportunity to produce high definition masters of great sound. They were used to record famous albums that made the history of world discography, as this type of technology introduces artefacts and distortions that are pleasant and enhance the music.
A professional analogue tape recording adds just the right amount of Punch, Warmth, Fuzziness and Rounding Off.

"With reel-to-reel tape, the range of sound and the sense of width and depth of the soundstage are different. Noise is barely audible unless you try to hear it. The realistic sound provides very realistic dynamics.
It's a sound you can hold in your hand but only with tapes copied directly from the original master tapes.

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